Gorilla Warfare.

I thought I would start with something small and personal - one of my Graffitti poems. 

I call them this because if I come across something that makes me want to write, I do so at that moment, much like a Graffitti artist has to spray and run. It usually takes about 10 minutes - they are  a bit rough and ready but I like them that way and I don't polish them up or make them longer than the original so here is my first one:




Do not forget me in my youth.

Nor in my middle-aged prime.

If you forget me as you must -

Let it be in my Dementia filled old age.


Not your cup of tea? Well, okay, how about this one:




Though my eyes might seem

Oh so quiet and serene.

My thoughts are both -

Libidinous and none too clean.


I'm a mean and moody loving machine!


Good Times & Bad.

Life can be a Bitch at times, other times it's all about jumping the hurdles life throws at you so I wrote this. 


Fork in the Road.


 There are moments in life 

when you come to a fork in the road. 

Where you have to chose  

To take on more or lighten your load. 

The track devides 

There is a moment of confusion 

Then you straighten you back 

And make your decision.


Sometimes you do good with the decisions you make and other times not so much and other times life just kicks you in the balls.


The Shadow & The Shade.


I am a shadow of myself. 

A Shade of what I once was. 

I see the World around me, 

But I am no longer part ot it. 

I no longer with the living fit. 

All those I loved have gone. 

All who loved me are no more. 

And I am just waiting to be gone.....


 And then there are the moments when you chose to take control...or at least try to.


The New Me.


I'm getting me a life

I'm gonna be as sharp as a knife.

No more lying down - around

Like a stick in the mud.

No Sir!

I'll be the one -

Giving everyone else a shove!






So, I've had pets all my life. Mostly cats but the odd dog too - all called Tip. However Cats have always been my passion so of course, I had to write about them.Here is a poem of one my favourite cats Karma who came to me one winters night with the snow deep on the ground. My friend Tina told me she was part of a litter from a breeder who's pure bred  female cat had gotten with a local moggie. She told me he was going to drown them so she had rescued them.

She had homes for all of them except the runt of the litter and then she opened her hand to show me this little ball of white fluff that was smaller than her hand, so ,of course,I had to say yes.


As you can see from my photo she grew up to be a large cat that you had to pick up with both hands. She was a brilliant hunter; every summer I had to put sun cream on her ears before I let her out or they would get sun burnt.... but enough talk here's my poem:



White Lightening.


It was Karma that she came.

So that I decided, would be her name.


She's a little white ball of fluff.

And boy is this scapper tough!


She won't eat cat food, it just won't do!

But she's very considerate when going to the loo.


The big cat ,unfortunatly, gave her flea's.

She and the dog were none to pleased.


She's a bold and daring hussy!

Who won't tease everyone - She's far too fussy.


She teases the dog next door.

By scampering up the garden wall, only to make a graceful, artful fall.


He thinks he's got her in his grasp.

But she has the deadly sting of an asp.


She lets him get close enough to think he's won.

Before she indulges herself & whacks him one.



Since I've done one of the cats it's only fair that I put one about the dogs. They were all mutts - we always preferred that sort of dog to pedigrees who alway seemed to  have health problems.

The first Tip we had was a large mutt that used to wait outside our Junior School to walk us home - this wasn't something we taught him. He was a rover in more ways than one! He used to pick up our next door neighbour’s dog Patch, a jack russel and they would go on the prowl. We found out, after he died, that he was well known around the neighbourhood and people used to feed them both when they'd go calling. It kind of explains why he was so well built. Tip was my sister’s dog and she taught him to sit, stay, catch all the usual things.


The second Tip was my Dads dog, she was a black and white Border Collie and ,in the summer, she use to attack the water spray from the hose face on, she would play tug of war with Dad and an old piece of rag- you could literally lift her by the rag till she was dangling in the air and she still would not let go!


Ladylike when eating-she had a taste for the hard stuff and was not above drinking any alcohol left lying around in glasses -whether they were left on the floor or the table. She could scale our 8ft fence to get out and take a trip to visit my Nan and when it got dark my Aunty Letty would open the door and say. "Go on, go home." - and she'd trot out and back home looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

The last Tip was my dog, a German Shepherd cross breed. People used to say that I had brought her up more like a cat than a dog but I took her for walks, she came to her name when we were out - so I didn't need to keep her on the lead. She once went walkabout for a week and came back around 8pm one night, she slunk in, sat down in front of the fire and none of us noticed untill we smelled her. Wherever she'd been - I'm pretty sure it was the River Cole - it had left its mark or, in this case, it's smell on her. It took us a good hour of washing her before the smell was livable with and it took a week to get rid of it completely!


                                              FLY CATCHER.


                                     Fly Catcher, Fly Catcher

                                     Where have you been?


                                 Over the settee, under the table -

                                    Wherever the fly I've seen.


                                      Fly Catcher, Fly Catcher

                                             Can't you see.


                                    Your not supposed to do that -

                                      For a dog not a cat you be!


                                        Fly Catcher, Fly Catcher

                                        Why have you stopped?


                                Because of that tasty morsel of fly

                                          - That finally I've got!